Welcome fellow ghouls and ghoulettes.  My name is Lunkenstein and this site is more than just facts about my grey matter. Within these pages you'll find a homage to classic monster, horror, sci-fi movies and shows.  I've much planned for the site.  This is a mere humble beginning.  It will grow like THE BLOB, but not overnight.  Please stop back from time to time to check for new additions.


     Growing up in the 1960s was a great time for monster fans.  Many local stations were showing Universal Classics and fun, scary B films from other studios.  Network television featured THE OUTER LIMITS, THE TWILIGHT ZONE and other great series.  Local movie theaters regularly ran monster double features on Saturday afternoons;  magazines like Forry Ackerman's FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND, HORROR MONSTERS, MONSTERS TO LAUGH WITH and CASTLE OF FRANKENSTEIN reigned supreme.  Occasionally, I would send away for items advertised in the back of the zines.  I ordered a "Do it Yourself Werewolf Kit" once.  It claimed you would be transformed into a lycanthrope by following its instructions.  You could then take the family out for a bite, be the howl of the party, etc.  It also came with glow-in-the-dark fangs to use until you grew your own.  Neato!

     Local Channel 6 (then WFIL) out of Philadelphia introduced me to many films I still cherish today.  Each Saturday night, DOUBLE CHILLER THEATER ran everything from FRANKENSTEIN to THE KILLER SHREWS to INVASION OF THE SAUCERMEN.  Channel 10 (WCAU) also featured many great films on THE EARLY SHOW, THE LATE SHOW and especially THE LATE, LATE SHOW.  Channel 10 is where I first saw KING KONG and forever fell in love with the big galoot.  Once, President Johnson interrupted an airing of the KING and I was furious! How dare he black out Big K's rampage through the native village.  The local announcer tried to fill us in ala, "King Kong has been captured and brought back to New York, yadda, yadda, yadda.  And now back to the movie..."  Grrrowl - that was no consolation.

     With Kong being my favorite giant monster (love Godzilla too), Frankenstein is my number one human-sized creeper.  As it went, my introduction to him was via ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN.  It was also the first time I'd seen the Wolf Man and Dracula characters.  Wow.  I'd no idea what was in store for me that Saturday afternoon.  Loved everything about the movie, particularly the monsters.  Soon afterward, I got to see the original solo films and there was no turning back.  I enjoy all the interpretations of Frankie, but Karloff's is my fave.  

     Another plus to living in the Philly area was having local horror host Dr. Shock in the 1970s.  I was too young to have seen an earlier host from the 1950s named Roland, whom Dr. Shock based his character on.  Roland went on to become Zacherly in New York, but Shocky Doc had several incarnations with SCREAM-IN and MAD THEATER on (then WPHL) Channel 17.  He presented the classics along with films I'd yet to see such as DIARY OF A MADMAN and LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS.  Dr. Shock (played by Magician Joseph Zawislak) was a kind soul I'm glad to have met several times.  During live appearances, the good doctor would rise from his coffin, just like on his show.  He had a great sense of humor and was much beloved by fans.  Sadly, Dr. Shock passed away in 1979.

     The last horror host in Philadelphia was Stella (played by Karen Scioli).  Her SATURDAY NIGHT DEAD ran on KYW Channel 3 directly after NBC's SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE during the mid to late 1980s.  It was refreshing to have a horror host once again.  She featured low budget flicks and funny skits.  When Stella went off the air, it was the end of the line for Philly horror hosts.

     More recently, I had the pleasure of viewing some of the Universal Classics on the big screen for the first time at The Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, PA.  This is the famous theater featured in the original 1958 THE BLOB.  The Colonial runs an annual BLOB-FEST to celebrate the film and plays classic movies regularly on weekends.  In the fall of 2004, we were treated to FRANKENSTEIN, BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, DRACULA, THE WOLF MAN, THE MUMMY, THE INVISIBLE MAN and ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN.  It was a thrill seeing these on the silver screen.  The prints were in great shape and BRIDE looked especially pristine.  Kudos Colonial!

     Considering classic horror actors, I dig them all, but at the top of the list are Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Vincent Price and Lon Chaney Jr & Sr.  My favorite TV series is a tie between THE OUTER LIMITS and THE PRISONER.  (I'm also a huge Patrick McGoohan fan).   I have many favorite films, but to mention some:  FRANKENSTEIN, KING KONG, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN, THE BODY SNATCHER, ALIEN, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, THE THING, TARANTULA, THE WOLF MAN, DRACULA, ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN, BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN, THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, THE INVISIBLE MAN, THE KILLER SHREWS, THE FLY, GODZILLA, THE MUMMY, THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM, SIGNS, KING KONG VS. GODZILLA, STAR WARS, JAWS and the list goes on and on...

     Again, welcome to the site.  There's not a lot here yet, but for now you may want to check out the Lunkhead's Lair message board, Silly Monster Pics pages and Universal Monsters Photo Montage.  The Photo Montage requires Macromedia Flash Player 7 to view => Get it here free.  I'll add a Monster Links page eventually, but until then you owe it to yourself to visit Monster Kid Online Magazine and the Classic Horror Film Board.  They are everything monster fans could want on the internet.  Great job Kerry!

     My other alter ego, Lunkhead, runs sister site Lunkhead's Place, a tribute to The Three Stooges.  If you enjoy the boys, please check it out.  There's quite a bit to see and do, as I've been fiddling with that site for nearly 5 years now.  Both Lunkhead's Place and Brain of Lunkenstein will continue to be works in progress.  Hopefully, they will provide entertainment and serve as outlets for fans of classic comedy and monsters.


     God Bless,